Knuser 102 (Bergknuser)
3 min video loop
Exhibited at:
P-0, Oslo National Academy Of The Arts, 2011

This is the first work in an ongoing project about my grandfathers stone quarry. The stone quarry, Aasmund Berg Pukk og Grus AS, was established in 1954. It is still operational, but now with different owners.


This has been the family business for many decades, and most of family has at some point worked in this stone quarry in some form or other. This is my first effort working with and in this stone quarry.


In this exhibition, I handed out rocks (syenitt) which came from the stone quarry itself, before they entered the exhibition space. They also received an information pamphlet with a list of works, an old commercial about one of the machines in the stone quarry and a geological exposition about the area the stone quarry is located in, written by Anne-Grete Bøe, PhD.

Stills / documentation