3 min video loop
Exhibited at:
2009 - Open Academy - Oslo Art Academy
2010 - MMX - Galleri Van Bau, Vestfossen

This work functions as a continuation of my previous photomontage series Custodians. I have visited a stone quarry, a paper factory and an oil refinery in order to gather material for this project. Each pipe/machine/what-have-you are individually cut out.


"I have felt it myself. The glitter of nuclear weapons. It is irresistible if you come to them as a scientist. To feel it's there in your hands, to release this energy that fuels the stars, to let it do your bidding. To perform these miracles, to lift a million tons of rock into the sky. It is something that gives people an illusion of illimitable power, and it is, in some ways, responsible for all our troubles - this, what you might call technical arrogance, that overcomes people when they see what they can do with their minds."

              - Jon Else in The Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer                          and The Atomic Bomb

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