Bøe & Astrup
2010 -

Late winter 2010, during my second year at the Art Academy in Oslo, I started working with fellow student Kirsten Astrup. We make site specific audiovisualinstallationperformances, but that is a rather unwieldy word so we would rather think ourselves as a band. We are a band, and sometimes we do concerts.



Turbinhall 1920

June 2010


Concert in a 1920's turbine hall in Hønefoss, Norway.
We made a music composition for the building and performed it live in the old turbine hall. While we were playing, a man was working to get one of the turbines started. The audience were free to wander around and discover the old building and the hidden upper rooms.

The project was part of Hønefoss Filmfestival. Duration of the concert: 1 hour (21:00 - 22:00).


Sound recording of the entire concert (1 hour):

Three Nocturnes For An Institution



Bøe & Astrup were invited to make an art project at Fredericia Gymnasium in Denmark.


The audience will enter the huge high school through an entrance in the basement and afterwards be free to wander around and experience the whole building and our music in almost complete darkness. The music will consist of three nocturnes composed for the institution which will be played in almost every corner of the school by live musicians and loudspeakers.




All photos: Gerrit Hahn